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See your workouts in motion... Photobucket Nutrition and meal plans included to provide optimum health and fitness needs.

With the economy in its current financial tailspin many consumers are tightening their wallets to minimize overall expenses. As a result, traditional personal fitness training sessions may not necessarily fit into ones budget and are often considered an expendable asset and rendered non-essential.
Well, I have great news! Now you can train with me for a fraction of the cost of personal training sessions. On-line fitness training is revolutionizing the fitness industry giving clients an option to reap significant savings. Personal training sessions can cost up to $100 dollars per one (1) hour session. My on-line Fitness Generator program fee is a mere $50 dollars a month.
 You'll enjoy the benefit of elite distance coaching with unlimited access to a full and extensive library of animated exercises.  All exercises are virtually seen in full motion. You'll also receive a structurally sound fitness program designed specifically to meet your personal fitness goals, created by me Malcolm Roberts.
 The system is a 100% interactive with clients capable of logging in to their workout as they’re completed. As your trainer, I can easily track your workouts to make changes to assure your maximum fitness results are met.
Nutritional meal plans creations are included with a full library of nutrition for health and fitness needs. By entering your height, weight, age and activity demands, the program can generate a 7 day meal plan based on energy needs; whether weight loss, weight gain or maintenance is your goal.

BUT WAIT!!  Don't stop there...... For a limited time I am offering this fantastic program for an unbelieveable price of just $29.95 a month. That's right.... you can receive your own professionally designed video assisted program plus this entire package for less than your monthly phone bill. Be one of the first to take advantage of this great offer by signing up today.

Take a moment and check out my on-line program and the technology of Fitness Generator by clicking the DEMO button at the top left hand side of this page.
  Yours in Fitness and Health,
Malcolm Roberts, CPT, CES-NASM, ACE, NFPT 


 NCCA Accredited Certifications:
National Commision on Certifying Agencies