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Welcome to the US Sports Strength and Conditioning System!
Thank you for entrusting me with the design and delivery of your program that I am sure is going to change your physical existence for the rest of your life!
Let's get to work:
After signing up, go back to the homepage and log in with your username and password on the left hand side of the page.
After logging in, click on "Assessment Form" in the upper right hand corner of the page.
There you will see the forms access including the 'Quick Register' form.
Click on the forms and fill them out as complete as possible.* Please fill out ALL of the forms as this is the only source of information I will be able to use to set up your program.
If you come across any item that you cannot answer at this time, skip that item and move on to the next. I will contact you about any previous item on any form if the information is critical for the design and delivery of your program.
Once the forms are complete I will design and deliver your complete program in 24 hours or less.
*Be detailed with your forms as this is the most important information that I will use to properly set up your program. The US Sports Strength and Conditioning System is not one of those "cookie cutter, one size fits all" programs. This program is customized to you! In order for that customization to be accurate,  it will be mostly be based on the information that you provide on the forms.
Nutritional Program:
On the middle menu, just below the Assessment Form you will see a link for your Nutrition Profile. This will be the starting point for your meal planner and nutritional counseling that is included with your program. Click on that link and fill out the Nutrition Profile as complete as possible.
Whenever you are ready you can then click on 'Daily Food Log' and start this daily food diary. Be as detailed as possible as I will use this information to develop your meal plan. Once you have entered 7 days straight, notify me via email at and I will construct your meal plan from that information.
Within a matter of days you will have your complete strength, conditioning (cardio), and nutrition program as we begin the long journey to success. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am excited for your upcoming fitness success!
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