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Case Studies

US Sports Strength and Conditioning Client Case Studies:

"I am greatly appreciative to have relied on the expertise and experience of Nate Lewis and his online training US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning System services for our football program here at Annapolis Area Christian School. Since we started to utilize his services, we have seen immediate results; including a recent Championship Season and a 10-0 record! We have been fortunate to win two championships back to back and currently have the longest win-streak in Anne Arundel County* (MD USA HS Football). The workout that our guys endure are very challenging and productive. We have become a more explosive and confident team since utilizing this new training regimen. The beauty of our workout is that we can cater it to all of our athletes, whether they are freshmen or seniors. We appreciate and are thankful for the US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning System!" Kenny Lucas Head Football Coach Annapolis Area Christian School

*AACS won its third straight MIAA Football Championship in 2011

Presclilla (Toronto CA)

"Here is the hard work In a picture...I was showing a dear friend last night at a comedy show and I couldn't believe the progress!!!!! After taking both your work out routine, healthier eating (cutting back and not over indulging) and taking vitamins and teas (specifically organic green tea matcha, wheatgrass and the *calcium Pyruvate u recommended) I feel like I'm back to my pre baby weight, as you know I have 2 daughters....I feel happier, stronger, sexier, more confident, and I feel like I can actually hit my goal of 150pounds by this Summer."
Thank you so much for everything Im an student athlete in Detroit, MI with a serious back injury and wow with 11 weeks of Mr. Lewis training (using the US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning System) I'm ready to get back on the field my strength in my back increase, my speed increase a little, i lost some weight, and i can see my abs coming in lol


"I started the NFL Combine program about 7 weeks ago. Since then I have noticed a tremendous increase in my strength and muscle stamina. All my lifts have gone up in weight and repetitions. I have gained about 4 lbs. of muscle while dropping my body fat by 2%. As a running back I need to be in top physical condition. Iíve found that out of all the programs I have done in the past, this one is the most beneficial for preparing me for football." Justin Football player George Mason University.====================================

'I've only been on his program for a little over a week, but having trained for football in the past (along with just overall fitness), it's nice to know that I have a structured weight and cardio program to reach my goals. Knowing my way around a gym is one thing, but having my daily workouts set out for me, along with feedback, adjustments, and tips, I can already see my body responding. Honestly, I am very excited to see where I will be in a few months.' Paxton (Getting Ready for The NFL Combine)-California=======================================

I have finished seven weeks of the program. I feel great. Most of the workouts you give me are excellent. The Bench press is about were is should be now. Also, When I complete the 12 weeks what do we do next. I starting to get into this very much.- Anthony-[16 year Minor league football veteran] New York===================================

"I've lost 20 lbs. 5 dress sizes and over 10% bodyfat" I have seen many results, including increased self-esteem, energy and stamina. It is definitely more than I expected when I began my first session in front of the dreaded squat machine" Donna Trainee for 3 years.=============================================

"I love my new body"-Gwen trainee for 3 months=================

"I feel loads stronger and my 40 (yard dash) time has decreased dramatically thanks Nathan"-Quentin High School football player trainee for 3 months.========================

" He (Nathan) consistently asked for feedback on how I was feeling and if I had any pain, soreness or problems...Nathan your passion and commitment to your work is truly inspiring." Michelle Trainee for 5 months.======================================

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"Three months later, I have reduced my body fat from 29% to 19%. I have lost 10 pounds in fat, two inches around my waist and an inch off each arm.....I'm healthy, strong and in-shape. Thanks Nathan!!" Anne trainee for 2 years.=================================