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   I've always been intimidated by the execise epuipment in several of the health clubs that I have visisted. I never really knew how to use many of the machines or how to properly lift the weights. Unfortunately, hiring a personal trainer was not an affordable option for me but, I was desperate to find a way to lose weight. Shortly there after ..... I found Fitness Perfection's on-line fitness training program on the web. The membership fee was low and fit easily into my monthly budjet. Mr. Roberts provided consistent on-line support inclucing a nutritional diet plan to help me reach my goals. To date I have lost approximatley 31 lbs and counting. Thanks Mr. Roberts for helping me to get fit and begin wearing clothes that I thought I could never wear again.
Christine Mangini
Gaithersburg, Md.


    My typical day is full of business meetings and managing a very busy office. My hectic work schedule can sometimes make getting to the gym a real challenge for me. However, staying fit  has always been one of my priorities. Fitness Perfection's on-line fitness training is just the thing for me. It's easy to follow instructions and video assisted exercises are absolutely great. Even if I can't make it to the gym I can a few of their many exercises and perform them in the privacy of my home with minimal equipment. Thanks Malcolm for providing me with this fantastic workout system. I highly recommed it to anyone who leads a busy lifestyle like mine and wants to stay in great shape. 
Richard Heymen
Baltimore, Md.


Thanks Malcolm for providing a fitness option for self starters. I've been working out off and on for approximately 5 years, but didn't have the knowledge on how to strategically progress. Your website not only supplies users with easy to follow exercises in full motion, but also includes interactive support on how and when to make exercise adjustments to take me to the next level. Now for the first time I am seeing an increase in my lean muscle and a steady decrease in fat content. Keep up the good work!
Donald T. Goldman
Lanham, Md.