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Fitness Lifestyle CoachingPrice:
$ 500
for 4 Weeks
Receive the very best in fitness lifestyle coaching on a one on one basis!!! Receive transformation challenge tested meal plans that are catered to your lifestyle. Receive great workout programs. Receive cardio workouts based on your cardio level. Receive constant (5 Days per week, 2 times per day) motivational communication that will keep you on track. Failure's not an option here!
The Heat Fitness Family Coaching PlanPrice:
$ 100
for 1 Month
This Facebook-based program is intended to bridge the gap between your insecurities that keep you from going to a gym & actually joining a gym! In this group based system you will receive meal plans, workouts based on the equipment you have access to at home, cardio homework based on your current physical condition & your age & the constant coaching (2 to 3 days per week) that will hold you accountable everyday, along with your support group of individuals that are involved in the group for the same reason you are.
Readymade Workout Packages
whitney''s package Price:
$ 1,000.00
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