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Get access to workout programs designed by Monique Hollowell. Enter/edit your registration details here. Just fill out the form below and press submit.
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Lafemme Virtual Fitness TrainingPrice:
$ 14.95
for 30 Days
Please click here to join our Virtual Fitness Training! Receive a new fitness program the 1st of each month! Each program is comprised of 10 exercises which targets all muscle groups in the body. Programs are in a circuit format and can be done at home or in the gym!
$ 9.95
for 30 Days
5 core exercise are sent on the first of every month to help you firm up and get your mid section in shape!
Bottom BlasterPrice:
$ 9.95
for 30 Days
5 lower body exercises are sent on the first of every month. All exercises target the bottom, hips and thighs!
7- Minute WorkoutPrice:
$ 10.95
for 30 Days
Receive 7 high intensity exercises each month! Your goal is to do each exercise for one minute each day! This workout leads to fat burn and weight loss!
Case StudyPrice:
$ 0
for 0 Week
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