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We're building the world's largest collection of animated exercises (over 400 and counting...). And new exercises are added every wekk!

Here's just a few of the exercises you'll have access to as a member of FitnessGenerator:

Medicine balls, plyometrics, traditional strength training, speed/agility drills, kettlebells, dynamic warmups, stability balls, and so much more...

Best of all, no slow downloads and no software to install.
Your clients will love these exercises!

ShoulderPressOnBall.gif (18648 bytes)KneelToPushup.gif (17338 bytes)LateralOverUnder.gif (41943 bytes)

FrontalReach.gif (21447 bytes)04CrunchOnSisselWithBodyToningBar.gif (15265 bytes)CBCurl.gif (20680 bytes)

WallThrows.gif (31698 bytes)DoubleKettlebellWindmill.gif (14685 bytes)BarbellDeclineBenchPress.gif (13340 bytes)

5StarJumps.gif (45818 bytes)CBOneArmHighRow.gif (11823 bytes)13ProneKneePullInsOnSisselBall.gif (12984 bytes)

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